If you have a question- READ HERE FIRST, PLEASE! (Please)

It’s our goal to communicate clearly and quickly with our customers. We do not want to take on a job if we can’t deliver it in time, or with quality workmanship. With that said, the better your file is set up, the better it’s going to print! Read on-

1- I want a print made! Who do I talk to?

Email us! Use the CONTACT FORM on this site, or email directly to contact (at) Nakatomiprint.com.  Make sure you email us a preview of the print (jpg is fine), the qty you need printed, the color count, due date and anything special you’ll need! (Metallic ink, Specialty Paper, etc)

2- What kind of paper can you print on?

If it’s available on-line, we can order it. We stock 100lb Cover Cougar White and Cougar Natural all the time.  The paper is smooth and very good for posters. If you need something else, make sure you know the brand/style you need. Links to websites help! If you need specialty paper, you can have it shipped to us, or we can order it and add that to your invoice. All invoices with specialty paper must be paid up front.

3- What is your minimum order?

Up to 18×24- 50 copies. Up to 24×36- 100 copies.  Please keep in mind, the per-print cost gets lower the more you print!

4- Where do you ship to?

We can ship worldwide, but shipping times and custom charges can change dramatically once we’re shipping out of country.  We will do our best to keep it quick and affordable!  Note- we’ve never had a damaged order show up with our tried-and-true packing method.  We’re constantly evaluating how the shipments arrive, so please give us feedback when it shows up at your front door!

5- How quick can I get my job?

Depending on our current workload, it can vary widely. We won’t take on a job we won’t be able to deliver in time, though.  We will let you know up front if something is do-able or not. Express printing fees will apply on short-notice jobs.  Please plan ahead!

5- What file format do you accept?

We prefer 300dpi layered .tiff files, with each color on it’s own transparent layer, and the layers labeled with Pantone numbers. We use the Coated (C) and Uncoated (U) guides.  Print notes about transparency in inks, etc are required.  It goes without saying- only ONE color per layer. (Unless you’re doing a split fountain effect.)

6- Can I just tell you to ‘match the screen’ when it comes to colors?

You can, and we can also pick the Pantone colors out of the actual file, but do realize- the best way to communicate color choices is through using a Pantone book.  We can not be responsible for colors that do not match from your monitor to our monitor- Pantone is hands-down the best way to go.

7- Can you just separate the file for me?

Maybe. An awful lot of choices are made while separating a file for printing that may not be the intention of the original artist. The more complex an image, the more extreme this becomes. If we can do it- we charge $100 an hour for art and separations, with a 2 hour minimum. Again, contact us and we’ll let you know!

8- How do I pay?

We can accept payment via Credit Cards through Paypal or direct Paypal payments. We can also accept checks, but cannot start a print job until payment is received.

9- Please review our Agreement before submitting a job